Ian Deed

Multimedia Creator & Content Writer


Creating compelling content to engage with your audience

Technology focused with a grounding in science and engineering. Regular contributor in travel, news, and sport publications.

Links below will take you to external sites featuring samples of my work. A PDF of writing samples is also available Here.

iOS Mobile Development Trends

Shifts that are taking place in the mobile app marketplace today are among some of the biggest overhauls to happen in the last two decades.

Is The Electric Car Ready To Take Over?

Why is the electric car not dominating the world yet? Cleaner, quieter, and more environmentaly sound, is electric ready to take center stage?

Edinburgh Walks: Dalkeith Country Park

Dalkeith Country Park is a large country estate set just on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Well served by both public transport links and visitor parking, the grounds have plenty to attract visitors with interesting architecture, abundant nature walks and a vast playground park.

Walking in the Pentland Hills: Glencorse View

Walking in nature is proven to have heaps of health benefits for both brain and body. Within Scotland, right here in the central belt, we have extraordinary fortune when it comes to the quality and quantity of nature on our doorstep.

Open Source E-Reader

No other simple device has the power to change the world in the way that an open electronic reader does. One with the hardware capability of the current crop of popular devices, but the software to browse freely and shop from any store. An e-reader that can be expanded on, added too and modified endlessly to the whim of its owner. Such a device yields the power to change how we both read, write, and publish for the better.

Walking in the Pentland hills: Castlelaw

The Pentland hills of Edinburgh have much to offer. Even if you haven’t yet ventured up there, you have most likely admired them from the city’s viewpoints. Whether you are intimately familiar with the hills or a first time visitor, there are plenty of walks throughout the park that offer an ideal short nature retreat.